About Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

“Success is built sequentially, ONE THING at a time.”  Gary Keller

My focus is to maximize performance by providing exceptional support, coaching and service. My mission is to provide a fully responsive, problem-solving environment that is ultimately financially successful for all parties.

Dedicating my life to being of service and contribution to others and the world at large, fully knowing that I achieve the greatest success possible in all areas of my life when those around me win as well. Living my life with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement and success. My life is fulfilled as I move forward with an inherent faith and belief that anything is possible and miracles do occur.

I love hiking, skiing of all kinds, traveling and spending time with my family, husband Rich and my dear dogs Molly and Buck. One of my biggest joys has been to be a Bonus Mom to sons Brandon and Jonathan. Now I’m a grandma to Brooklyn and Lucien. Love this family and all the things we get to do together.


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